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Protected Lands

About lands protected by the Deschutes Land Trust including Community Preserves and private protected lands.

The Deschutes Land Trust protects lands that meet rigorous conservation criteria. From important wildlife habitat, to sustainable working lands to open space for scenic enjoyment, each of our protected lands is critical to the health and future of Central Oregon. The Land Trust protects 8,700 acres in our region for today, tomorrow and for generations to come.

Deschutes Land Trust protected lands map

We invite you to learn about our current projects like our Campaign for Whychus Creek, find out how to conserve your land, or explore lands we've already protected.


Explore our Community Preserves—lands protected for native plants and wildlife but also there for you to enjoy and explore. The Land Trust owns and cares for six Community Preserves in Central Oregon: Aspen Hollow Preserve, Camp Polk Meadow Preserve, Indian Ford Meadow Preserve, Metolius Preserve, Thomas Preserve, and Whychus Canyon Preserve. Find directions to our Preserves.

Learn about other conserved lands—properties that the Land Trust has also protected for wildlife, outstanding scenic views, or to preserve our natural heritage, but that remain privately owned by an individual or a public entity. At certain times, with the consent of the landowner, the Land Trust arranges tours of these properties. Learn more about Alder Springs, Rimrock Ranch, Spring Creek, or the Trout Creek Conservation Area.

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