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Community Preserves

About the Deschutes Land Trust's Community Preserves.
Lupine at Camp Polk Meadow
Lupine at Camp Polk Meadow Preserve. Photo: Pat Buresh.

The Land Trust's Community Preserves are lands protected for wildlife and for local communities. From meadows to ponderosa forests, to a river island, explore our Preserves on your own or on a guided tour during the spring, summer or fall.

The Land Trust owns and cares for four Community Preserves in Central Oregon:

Aspen Hollow Preserve: a 58 acre property along Whychus Creek near Sisters, OR.

Camp Polk Meadow Preserve: a 151 acre meadow along Whychus Creek near Sisters, OR.

Indian Ford Meadow Preserve: a 63 acre scenic meadow near Sisters, OR.

Metolius Preserve: a 1,240 acre forest near Camp Sherman, OR.

Thomas Preserve: a 7 acre island on the upper Deschutes River.

Whychus Canyon Preserve: a 930 acre property with canyons and high desert near Sisters, OR.


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