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Thomas Preserve

About the Deschutes Land Trust's Thomas Preserve.
Thomas Preserve Float DB
Thomas Preserve float trip. Photo: Dave Breuer.

The Thomas Preserve, a 7 acre island on the the upper Deschutes River, was donated to the Land Trust by Carla Thomas in 2001. Located downstream from LaPine State Park, the Preserve contains both dry land and wetlands and is within a Federal Wild and Scenic Waterway and State Scenic Waterway.

Why it is a conservation priority

The Preserve conserves significant wildlife habitat, a diversity of native plants, outstanding wetlands and river areas, and protects the integrity and scenic quality of the Deschutes River.

What to see

  • Watch for fish and wildlife: The Preserve provides habitat for
    Thomas Preserve flowers
    Thomas Preserve wildflowers. Photo: Staff.
    migratory waterfowl, elk, deer and other wildlife that frequent the island. Historically, native fish in the upper Deschutes basin included bull trout, redband trout, mountain whitefish, summer steelhead, Chinook salmon, pacific lamprey, and sculpins. Bull trout are currently listed as a Threatened species. 
  • Brush up on your plants: The Preserve is seasonally flooded and contains wetlands and a high level of plant diversity.

Visiting Thomas Preserve

Access to the Preserve is limited due to the sensitivity of the wetland habitats, fluctuation in river flows and the difficulty of getting to the site. Passive recreational uses are allowed such as picnicking and bird watching, but the Preserve is best visited on a guided tour.


Restoration and Education activities

The Thomas Preserve is relatively undisturbed and restoration activities have been limited to noxious weed control to protect the native plant communities. The Land Trust annually leads visits to the Preserve by canoe or kayak to increase awareness of this valuable wildlife habitat and to monitor conditions on the Preserve.

Thomas Preserve map

The map below shows the location of the Thomas Preserve.

Thomas Preserve map



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