Adopt-a-Plot to keep our new native plant restoration project weed free!

Get your hands dirty, watch your plants grow, and help us create healthier habitat for wildlife!

The Land Trust is currently working on a multi-year project to remove weeds and restore native plants at Camp Polk Meadow Preserve. The Hindman Springs portion of the Preserve was an active ranch and homestead for nearly 150 years. Our first step in restoring the native plant communities was kill the weeds and weed seeds using a process called solarization. Then, we planted native plants and spread native seed. Now we need to keep to tend and help our new native plants grow--volunteer to adopt-a-plot!

Adopt-a-plot volunteers visit their plot at Camp Polk Meadow Preserve once or twice a month to help care for new native plants by watering, monitoring growth, and helping remove any weeds that creep in.

This is a great great volunteer project for folks with busy lives! You can visit on your own schedule and you can adopt-a-plot with teams of friends, family members, housemates, or neighbors. Give back to the land you love while enjoying some peaceful time at a Land Trust Preserve!

If you'd like to adopt-a-plot, please contact Rebekah Ratcliff, and she will let you know how to get started!

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