Preserve Trail Stewards

Lend a hand while hiking your favorite trails! Trail Stewards volunteer 3-7 days per year to help monitor and perform light maintenance on trails at Land Trust Preserves.

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Do you like to hike and want to get out more often? Become a Land Trust Preserve Trail Steward!

Derek_trail steward
Derek_trail steward
Derek_trail steward

Preserve Trail Stewards volunteer 3-7 days per year from April-October to help monitor and perform light maintenance on trails at Land Trust Preserves. 

The scope of duties, level of physical difficulty, and hiking mileage vary with each Preserve (see below for details). However, all Preserve Trail Stewards have the following duties:

* Monitor Preserve trail conditions, including:

  • General use and condition.
  • Large branches or logs that block or impede trail passage.
  • Sections of trail that are being damaged by erosion, poor drainage, or misuse.
  • Parking lot, interpretive signs, bench, bridges and port-o-potty condition or damage/wear issues.
  • Damaged or missing trail and property boundary signs.

* Perform light, routine trail maintenance, including:

  • Pick up small/medium branches and move/cut small logs away from the trail.
  • Cut back/trim/weed-wack encroaching vegetation to maintain trail passage.
  • Pick up any litter.
  • If possible, identify and remove noxious weeds.

* Using our online form, report on:

  • conditions as outlined above,
  • unique flora and fauna sightings, 
  • visitor numbers and type of usage, 
  • maintenance performed, if any,
  • any larger issues that require additional attention from Land Trust staff.
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* Attend an orientation day at the Preserve that they will be stewarding (dates to be announced).

Trail Stewards are needed at the following Preserves:

  • Camp Polk Meadow Preserve: 2-3 Trail Stewards needed to adopt two trail sections: Hindman Springs Loop and Martin's Meadow trail. Low mileage (.5-2 miles), uneven meadow terrain. Read more.
  • Indian Ford Meadow Preserve: 1 Trail Steward needed to adopt Founders Trail. Easy hiking with low mileage. Read more.
  • Metolius Preserve: 2-4 Trail Stewards needed to adopt trails at the South Fork and North Fork entrances to the Preserve. Easy to moderate, 2-4 miles of hiking. Read more.
  • Whychus Canyon Preserve: 2 Trail Stewards needed to adopt 3-7 miles of trail. Moderate to strenuous hiking. Read more.


***To become a volunteer Preserve Trail Steward: Thanks for all your enthusiasm! Preserve Trail Steward positions are all filled for 2014!***