Weed Warriors

***This work party is currently full. We are, however, taking a waitlist to see how we can accommodate more people! To add your name to the waitlist, please click the yellow "Register Now" button above.***


Join the Weed Warriors to battle invasive weeds at our protected lands!

Weed Warriors is a volunteer group that meets twice a month to remove invasive weeds like mullein, spotted knapweed, teasel, and Canada thistle from the Land Trust protected lands. Non-native vegetation is a major threat to functioning natural systems. Pulling them by hand can help us control these weeds on our protected lands without the use of chemicals.

  • Weed Warriors begin meeting in May and continue through the summer on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of each month from 9am - 12pm. Locations vary.

  • May 18th Location: Camp Polk Meadow Preserve. We will be pulling weeds in the newly restored Hindman Springs portion of the property.

  • Level of Difficulty: Pulling weeds is hard work! These work parties are rated as moderate and require hiking off-trail on uneven terrain, stooping, kneeling, and working in all weather conditions.

  • What to bring: Gloves, eye protection, sun protection, snacks, water.

Learn more about Weed Warriors. For questions, please contact Erin Barnholdt.