Beaver Dam Building

It's time for a build party--a work party to build a beaver dam at Camp Polk Meadow Preserve! Beavers are nature's master architect, building dams and engineering creeks in ways that help create healthy habitat for a host of wildlife species.

We are going to be just like beavers at this work party! Volunteers will build a beaver dam in Whychus Creek using wooden posts and willow stems. This dam will mimic those in nature and help improve habitat in and along the creek.

Rating: This is an adult work party with moderate to challenging physical activity
. You will be busy as a beaver at this work party! Volunteers will help pound wooden posts into the creek, cut and weave willow stems, or move rocks in the creek. Just like the beavers, we will be doing much of this work in the water. Yes, we know it is October! That's why we are asking all volunteers to plan on wearing waders. If you don't have waders and would like to borrow some, email Rebekah Ratcliff and she will see how she can help.

What to Bring: Waders (volunteers will be in the water), sturdy hiking shoes, a towel, snacks/lunch, water.  Dress for the weather.

Note: This is a two day work party, but volunteers can register for one day or both. Register for the second day here.

***Please RSVP by clicking the yellow "Register Now" button above.***