Help our new native plants survive browsing deer!
Land Trust volunteers and others worked hard this fall to get 100s of new native plants in the ground at Camp Polk Meadow Preserve and Willow Springs Preserve. These baby plants are delicious appetizers for hungry deer in the winter. While we don't mind the munching, sometimes the deer (or other animals) pull the plants out of the ground or frost pushes them up and out of the ground.

Join our Deer Patrol to walk planting areas at Camp Polk Meadow Preserve, Metolius River Preserve, or Willow Springs Preserve to help put plants that deer have pulled out back into the ground. We will provide an orientation to get you familiar with the planting areas and tips for replanting. Two volunteers are needed for each Preserve.

Deer patrollers will visit the properties above once a week to put plants back in the ground as necessary November 2022 through March 2023.

If you'd like to help or learn more, you can contact Sarah Mowry.