Pull Backyard Weeds


Help native plants thrive in your own neighborhood!

Weed Warriors is a volunteer group that meets four times a month to remove invasive weeds like mullein, spotted knapweed, teasel, and Canada thistle from the Land Trust protected lands. Non-native vegetation is a major threat to functioning natural systems. Pulling them by hand can help us control these weeds on our protected lands without the use of chemicals. Weed Warriors are not currently pulling weeds on our Preserves, this year we're asking you to battle with us in your own yard, gardens, and neighborhood!

You can give Central Oregon native plants a leg up by removing competitive invasive species. Pulling invasive weeds in the spring, before they flower, helps to prevent their spread.
Here are five weeds you can start pulling:
Check out our weed guide for help identifying these weeds and then find best practices on pulling and removing.
  • Complete our Volunteer Application to join the weed warriors once they return to our Preserves.

  • Location: At Home! Pulling weeds in your backyard helps to reduce their spread in Central Oregon.

  • Level of Difficulty: Pulling weeds is hard work! This work is rated as moderate and requires walking on uneven terrain, stooping, kneeling, and working in all weather conditions.

  • What to bring: Gloves, eye protection, sun protection, snacks, water.


Learn more about Weed Warriors. For questions, please contact our Weed Warrior leaders Pat and Ginny.