Metolius Preserve Self-Guided Walk


Looking for butterflies at the Metolius Preserve. Photo: Sue Anderson.
Looking for butterflies at the Metolius Preserve. Photo: Sue Anderson.
Although volunteer-led Land Trust walks and hikes are on a hiatus, you can still get out and explore your protected lands on your own. Here are some ideas for enjoying the natural beauty of the Metolius Preserve:

Larch Trails: Accessed via the Preserve's North Trailhead, the Larch Trails take visitors through one of the most ecologically diverse sections of the Preserve. Enjoy spectacular larch trees, lush creekside vegetation, and summer wildflowers.

Fir Trails: Accessed via the Preserve's less visited South Trailhead, the Fir Trails include educational signs that tell the story of native fish. Fir Trails also radiate southward through fir and pine forest lined with bracken fern.

Pine Trails: Also accessed via the South Trailhead, the Pine Trails take visitors on a long loop through restored pine forest. These trails are a great place to observe white-headed woodpeckers and other cavity nesting birds foraging for food on the snags.

With more than 10 miles of hiking and biking trails, the Metolius Preserve is a great place to spend the day outside. Find driving directions, trail maps, and more detailed Preserve information.

As with all activities during the pandemic, we have new guidelines and rules we ask you to follow while visiting our Community Preserves. Please take the time to read these guidelines before you head out, so you can keep our community safe and healthy. Thank you!