Leave it to Beavers

Leave it to Beavers!
Join Deschutes Land Trust and Jen Zalewski to learn all about the industrious beavers that call Central Oregon's streams and waterways home. During this talk, you'll learn about beavers, the role they play in the natural world, how the Land Trust has been using beaver-inspired restoration techniques, and why we think beavers are important for the health and future of our high desert home. Then, you'll have a chance to ask Jen your beaver questions during a question and answer session. **Registration required to receive the virtual event link. Only one person per household needs to register for this event.**


Jen Zalewski is the Deschutes Land Trust's Land Stewardship Manager. Prior to joining the Land Trust as a staff member, Jen led mountain bike and birding tours for our Walks + Hikes Program. Jen enjoys skiing, canoeing, surf trips at the coast, fussing over her landscaping, and trying to get things to grow in her garden.