2010 blog posts

A poem for Indian Ford Meadow

The sky promised everything from brilliant sun to blizzards. Norma Funai, poet, long-time tour leader for the Land Trust...

Solstice Post

Last night I watched the earth's shadow creep across the moon. Orion strode just below, his light near-lost in the moon's brilliance...

An artist's pace

Yesterday the stars finally aligned with schedules, weather, and other priorities to allow me to take a Land Trust volunteer out to Rimrock Ranch...

An Image to Remember

The photo I will remember from my hike last week is of Zoe (7 months) sitting in a meadow of wildflowers. It captures her new toothy grin, her prowess at being upright, and, of course, the flowers.

Dirt pile perspective

Saturday morning was one of those crisp fall days you're eager for at this time of year: cold with brilliant blue skies and golden fall colors...


I return to where I started, turn and go back the opposite direction. The shade has deepened. My breath moves easily in my body. I understand that, Now by Now, I’ve felt peaceful. I’ve felt connected to this huge world not by words, but by feelings that are un-nameable.

Saint Otter

I decide to take myself to Farewell Bend and the Bill Healy Bridge. I know what I’ll find. Geese will be feeding, their butts luminous in the fading light. There will be a lanky woman on a paddle-board, a joyful dog exploding out of the water; there will be my favorite graffiti I’ve ever seen: a green leaf and the word Integrity.

Sue’s Lonely Blue Boy

I had a plan. I’d join a Land Trust tour at Camp Polk Meadow, learn more about the plants and creatures, and write a post from the place...

The Kids are Alright

Sherry handed out digging tools and showed knapweed to her volunteers. She explained the importance of removing it - that knapweed, like all invasives, gobbles up soil and nutrients that native plants and livestock forage need to flourish.

The True Alchemists Never Make a Mistake

“So I walk out to the middle of the bridge,” I say, “and see this shrubbery proceeding with great dignity and determination down-river.” “A shrubbery!?” Jeff shrieks. “Ni! Ni!”

Tree hunting for four

The day after the Land Trust's annual Tree Hunt, I took my family out to the Metolius Preserve to cut our own Christmas Tree...