Meet the Usual Suspects: Take 4

Nov 11, 2010
This is the fourth in a series of posts about the Deschutes Land Trust staff. Meet Sherry Berrin, our Land Steward...


This is the fourth in a series of posts about the Deschutes Land Trust staff. Meet Sherry Berrin, our Land Steward...

TTL (Trusting the Land):  Let’s pretend that one of our members decides to throw a gala benefit pot-luck to raise money for the 15th Anniversary Campaign. What would you bring to the feast?

Sherry Berrin: Probably brownies from a box–don’t have much time to cook these days! Plus they’re yummy!
TTL:  Tell us a few details about what touches you the most in 3-4 of your favorite Land Trust protected places.

Sherry: I think with all the properties I get to visit, it’s a feeling of solitude. Whether you’re at the Metolius Preserve where you likely won’t see anyone or at Camp Polk Meadow with houses all around the rim, I always have a sense of being away from roads, people, and noise.
TTL:  If the magical Save the Land Fairy dropped down, waved her wand and said, “You get one wish from me.  What is it?”  You would wish for:

Sherry: People to really understand the value (ecologically and socially) of undeveloped land. Whether they actually can access a property or not, I wish people would just get it.
TTL:  What's the form and essence of your work with the Land Trust?

Sherry: As the Land Steward I get to be outside a lot. I’ve become the “weed queen” and have somehow gotten to develop most of our noxious weed management plans and implement these plans as well. I also get to work with landowners who have protected their properties through conservation easements doing our annual monitoring or helping them develop management plans for their places.
TTL:  How did you come to work at the Land Trust?

Sherry: As a temporary employee filling in for Amanda on her first maternity leave. It came at a perfect time of transition for me as I was deciding whether or not to continue with law school. 
TTL:  This may be redundant, but tell us a little more about why you love the Land Trust.

Sherry: It gets me out to places that aren’t always available to other people and I get to meet people who get it (see above!).
TTL:  And the recipe for what you'd bring to the hypothetical potluck...

It’s on the box! Pour mix in bowl, add water, oil, and eggs. Mix and pour into pan –cook at specified heat for specified time!