Stewardship Updates for September 2010

Sep 10, 2010
A brief summary of stewardship activities during the month of September.

Metolius Preserve Forestry Update

We’ve recently completed hand cutting and piling on 125 acres on the northern section of the property. The piles will be burned in November or December and then seeded with Idaho fescue and blue wildrye.

We’ll start mowing (using the Lightfoot) in late September or early October and then Darin Stringer and I will lead a forestry tour to show folks the treatment areas on October 8th.

In response to some feedback from members who were out hiking the “reflector trails, " we’ve beefed up the marking of the trails – thanks to a $25 donation specifically for that cause. Now that the Lake Creek trail is complete, we’re definitely getting more use at this part of the Preserve.

Whychus Creek Restoration Update

Weed control at Camp Polk Meadow is starting to slow down. We met our targeted goals for priority weed species (removing all seed heads with hand removal or herbicide treatments) and we are exploring future funding opportunities with the Upper Deschutes Watershed Council for continued weed control efforts.

Fall plantings along the riparian areas along the restored Whychus Creek channel are set for Sept 13th – Sept 27th (~48,000 plants slated to go in the ground). Volunteers (including Trout Unlimited and Wanderlust Tours) and school groups will help. We have also contracted with planting crews to do the bulk of the plantings.


The Land Trust to Host a Conservation Alliance Backyard Collective at Skyline Forest

Bull Springs Burn Pile at Skyline Forest.  Photo: Land Trust Staff
Bull Springs Burn Pile at Skyline Forest. Photo: Land Trust Staff
Bull Springs Burn Pile at Skyline Forest. Photo: Land Trust Staff
We are planning a work party at Bull Springs for the Conservation Alliance’s Backyard Collective – an annual event that draws 50 – 60 folks from the local community. The work party is scheduled for September 28th and several board members and staff will help lead crews.

I recently toured some of the Roster Rock burn with Darin Stringer. Most of the area we were in was stand-replacement intensity fire. After talking to Fidelity’s Forester, he said they may try to salvage approximately 1000 acres of the 4000+ acres that burned. Oregon law requires that once you enter an area to salvage log it, you are required to do restoration work. If you don’t enter, you don’t have to do any restoration. Their forester hadn’t heard final word yet from Fidelity on what they wanted him to do, so as of the end of August, things are in a holding pattern.

Rimrock Ranch Update

Sherry is finishing out our LIP grant project on knapweed control as well as updating weed maps. We have seen a reduction in knapweed extent in the floodplain but an expansion of medusahead in the uplands. We’ll continue to work with the Bakers on weed management and assist with funding when possible. Monitoring is scheduled to happen on September 14-15, 2010.


Floating to the Thomas Preserve

We had a successful, although mosquito-filled annual paddle trip to the Preserve. The island is looking pretty good despite some large mullein patches popping up here and there. Monitoring is scheduled for mid-September.