Paddling to the Thomas Preserve

Sep 19, 2011

Sunny skies. Warm weather. No mosquitoes. September is without a doubt the best month to float to the Land Trust's Thomas Preserve. And float they did! An armada of boats took off from La Pine State Park last week and floated for a leisurely couple of hours down to the the take out at Big River Campground.

The paddle to the Thomas Preserve is a reasonably straight forward shot with the Preserve halfway between the put-in and take-out. You start from the State Park and paddle past the "Big Tree" (the largest ponderosa pine in Oregon) often with otters poking their heads up along the way. The riverbanks As you move downstreamCanoes to kayaks--inflatable and not, an adventurous group of folks enjoyed put in KayaksA BIG thank-you to Bob Norin, who provided a shuttle!

Great group of folks…lots of inflatable yaks, including ours that sprung a leak.  One of us paddled while the other kept her finger on the hole!

Our usual inlet to dry land was not passable, so we left the boats riverside and slogged it…everyone was a good sport, and we made it there and back with no problems.  Saw TONS of little frogs in the muck!!  And not one mozzie, yea!!

Excellent/exciting osprey sighting (twice) – flew over us looking for food, Gary got some good shots.