2011 Blog posts

Indra’s Web

Community. If there is one buzzword I’ve heard and read for the last few years, it is Community.


“There are teachers everywhere.” I didn’t hear that from a guru or lama. The guy was an old-time hard core traditional climber...

Mid-summer wildflower delights

It was a beautiful day at Spring Creek—warm and sunny with a beautiful blue sky, puffy white clouds and a light breeze that made the meadow grasses ripple. The wildflowers were fantastic—large bouquets of yellow, blue, and white that demanded our attention.

Paint-out in Paradise

White parasols bloomed on Indian Ford Meadow this weekend as 40 painters captured personal visions of the Deschutes Land Trust’s Indian Ford Meadow Preserve.

Ponderosa islands with birds galore

As we shake off yesterday's "Welcome Spring" snowfall, it is nice to imagine that in less than a month Camp Polk will be a riot of activity as spring bird migrations get underway.

Rain on snow at Whychus Canyon

Two friends and I went out to the Whychus Canyon Preserve in mid January as rain had taken its toll on the snow in the mountains.

Restoration as a lesson in patience

This past weekend I visited Camp Polk Meadow Preserve on a chilly afternoon. The Preserve seemed to be sleeping, no buds or blooms or shoots calling out spring...