2011 Blog posts

Sunsets and CPU's

On a recent hike up Three Creek Butte, I was not surprised to find a couple of old computers that had been used for target practice. The question that came to mind was "why?"

The Connectors

Get to know two of the Land Trust's dedicated volunteers: Carol Wall and Pat Kearney.

The First Salmon--a Bellwether

To celebrate the first salmon returning to the upper Deschutes, Don Ratliff a senior biologist with Portland General Electric, tells his story of this historic moment.

The "girls" of Rimrock Ranch

Ever wondered what it's like to run a ranch in the winter? Follow Jim Anderson of the Nugget Newspaper as he gets a hands-on look with Gayle Baker at Rimrock Ranch.

This one time, at Land Camp...

Fall-like weather greeted the over 70 representatives from land trusts across Oregon and Washington at the Menucha retreat center in Corbett, Oregon for the 2011 Northwest Land Trust conference.

Island Weeding

Last week's weed removal project was a first for the Land Trust as it involved an inflatable kayak, float tubes, and waders in Duckett Pond at Camp Polk Meadow Preserve.

Where is Your Home?

Central Oregonians speak of bright air and the scent of pine; of basalt and secret places. Few of us were born here. Most have followed something sometimes known, sometimes mysterious to this home. Why?

Why Care About Salmon and Steelhead?

Why are salmon and steelhead important enough to rate our attention? The answer combines elements of classic tragedy, wild hope, and maybe a little magic.