Bird surveyors log exciting sightings

Jul 30, 2012
Eva Eagle shares recent summer bird sightings--warning some will make you envious!

Volunteer bird surveyors have been busy at the Land Trust's Camp Polk Meadow Preserve. Data master Eva Eagle had to share a few of the latest sightings which are enough to make one envious:

  • A great horned owl has been hanging around Hindman Springs or near the cemetery. Kris saw two juveniles at Hindman Springs on the July 16th.
  • Bill spotted not only one but two lazuli buntings in the lower meadow survey area on July 22nd.
  • Linda and Jon saw two red-naped sapsuckers in the mid-meadow on July 15th. 


Now that the Whychus Creek restoration is complete, we are starting to see some birds in new places. Kris saw a dipper in the ponderosa pine grove in the middle of the meadow. Dippers in pine groves? Yep, now that there is a creek running through, it's dipper country now.

KK.cpm.sora rail
KK.cpm.sora rail
KK.cpm.sora rail

We also seem to be catching sight of shorebirds and rails much more than we used to. Bill and Kris both saw a great blue heron, and Bill has seen a kingfisher enjoying the new channel.  Lots of reports for sora rails, Virginia rails, and spotted sandpipers.

On the more colorful side, I see the Bullock's orioles are hanging around, hopefully nesting.  And nobody seems to miss those musical black-headed grosbeaks!

Of course the scientific value of this work will come when we can look at the 'before restoration' and 'after restoration' data. In the meantime I just get vicarious enjoyment out of knowing what others have seen... and yes, a bit of envy. Happy Birding!

To add some of these birds to your list, consider volunteering to help with the Land Trust's Bird Survey Program. Learn more.