Giving thanks

Nov 23, 2012
Land Trust staff and board reflect on things we are thankful for this year.

Thanksgiving is a time to remember the things we have to be grateful for. Not just for the obvious, like food, but for the thousands of fortunate moments that happen each day all year long. Here are some of the things for which Land Trust Staff and Board are thankful:

Lisa Bagwell, Development Assistant

I am full of gratitude for my husband and puppy!  I am grateful every day that my family lives here in Central Oregon! At the Land Trust, I am thankful for the wonderful people I spend my day with and the FABULOUS volunteers who help us with our mission.  Thank you so much to my magnificent mailing volunteers for helping me get our mailings out the door!  We are blessed to work and play in such a beautiful landscape…thankful for NATURE!

Zak Boone, Associate Director:

I’m thankful for a dedicated staff, amazing volunteers, and more than 1200 members who support the Land Trust's work each and every day! And, of course, my lovely wife and two daughters who remind me each day that I have the best job in the world.

Pat Cohen, Office Manager:

For chocolate, eggnog latte season, hot butter rum, Christmas cookies and of course, family and friends.

Joanne Mathews, Board Member:

I am thankful that my children will always have wonderful places to be outside!  And, I'm thankful that the little fish we "planted" are now becoming big fish!  Finally I'm thankful that we are ever optimistic about Skyline Forest.  And, for the wildly talented and hardworking team at Deschutes Land Trust.

Sarah Mowry, Outreach Director:

I am thankful for Land Trust hike leaders that teach me something new every day--about nature and about life! I am thankful for white, snowy mountains and crisp winter days. I am thankful for my little people who make me smile and my husband who makes it all possible.

Dougal Williams, Board member:

I am thankful to have parents who instilled a love of nature in me at a young age. They moved to Sunriver in 1972 and, at age 68, are still hiking, biking, paddling, x-country skiing and enjoying the glory of Central Oregon's special places. I hope to be doing the same 30 years from now, and to have helped create that same active connection with the beauty of Central Oregon in our three girls.  Thanks to the land trust for doing the work to ensure these places still exist for them in the future!