Love 'em or Lose 'em

Feb 13, 2012
Consider a gift to protect special places this Valentines Day.

February is the month for petite chocolates in pretty boxes, glitter-clad cards and saying “I love you” with breakfasts in bed or dinners out on the town.  On the day that celebrates love in all its forms, how about recognizing the places as well as the people who warm our hearts?  

In your mind, recall an image of a place outdoors where you felt completely relaxed, with beautiful views, wildflowers in bloom, or maybe a creek burbling past.  Just thinking about it brings a sigh to your lips and the thought, “I wish I was there right now.”  If our experiences make us who we are, then special places become a part of us in more than just our memories.  

Here at the Land Trust, protecting special places is part of what we do.  We understand the important connections between individuals and the place we call home.  Help us protect special places in Central Oregon by becoming a member of the Deschutes Land Trust.  Share your feelings of love and affection for the places you care about: for wildlife, scenic views and local communities.  The gift of land just keeps on giving!