Eight reasons to celebrate the equinox

Sep 20, 2013
Don't be sad summer's over. Embrace the fun of fall for these eight reasons.

The Autumn Equinox happens this Sunday, September 22 at 7:44 pm. The equinox is the official kick off to fall and it marks the coming of shorter days and cooler temperatures. Sad to stash away the summer gear and bust out the sweaters and jackets? Don’t be! Here are a few reasons to embrace the fun of fall in Bend. Have a suggestion that’s not on the list? Please share it in the comments section.

  1. The foliage on the scenic Santiam and McKenzie Highways.
    Every fall I am stunned with the rich red, gold, and orange I see while driving this scenic loop near Sisters. The vibrant vine maples on the Santiam and McKenzie Highways always start my season off right. And try to drive through Sisters in the morning without stopping at Sisters Bakery for a chocolate cake donut… I dare you.

  2. Oktoberfest in Bend.
    This year Oktoberfest is September 20 & 21 in downtown Bend. I am a devoted lover of Oktoberfest, primarily because of the wiener dog race. Sure, there’s beer and brats and men in lederhosen… but everyone knows it’s all about the wiener dog race. 

  3. The Land Trust’s awesome fall hikes.
    It’s a great time to get outdoors—you just might have to bring an extra fleece. From Skyline Forest to Smith Rock, find our fall hike schedule here.

  4. The fall harvest... apples and pears anyone?
    I try to get to the Hood River County Fruit Loop at least once in the fall to pick my own fruit.  Maybe you’re lucky enough to have enough fruits and veggies to pick in your own garden. Either way, nothing says fall like the harvest.

  5. Hot apple cider and warm, spiced foods.
    I live for hot apple cider in the fall. I like to simmer it on my stove or in a crock-pot so that my entire house smells like cinnamon, apples and everything good in the world. Sometimes I even add booze.
    House finch.
    House finch.
    House finch.

  6. The pumpkin patch.
    The Smith Rock Ranch pumpkin patch opens on September 28. This is a quintessential fall, family activity in Central Oregon. Pick your pumpkin, eat some goodies, enjoy the views, and take a shot on the pumpkin canon.

  7. The birds of fall.
    The fall brings some beautiful migrating birds, including all sorts of waterfowl.  Get outdoors and see what birds you can spot this season. Take a look at the species you have this time of year in your own backyard. In mine: the House Finch.

  8. Halloween.
    Whether you go all out on costumes and decorations, or just enjoy the trick-or-treaters that show up at your door, Halloween is a great time to celebrate fall.  Connect with friends, treat yourself, and maybe partake in a spooky activity like our Halloween Ghost Walk.