Land Trust proudly marches in the Rodeo Parade

Jun 17, 2013
Board and staff march with the Collins family and a classic Chevy decked out with jumping steelhead.

For the second year in a row, Land Trust supporters Scott and Kristan Collins, along with Scott's parents Don and Pat, took the lead in showcasing the great work of the Land Trust at the Sisters Rodeo Parade. Scott again adorned his classic Chevy pickup with jumping steelhead and shining blue streamers to highlight the Land Trust's work to protect and restore habitat for salmon and steelhead. Land Trust staffers and board members joined the Collins' clan and marched alongside the truck, handing out swedish fish for all the kiddos lining the parade, and sending hearty hellos to the many Land Trust members who lined the route.

"It's a tremendous pleasure to share my support of the Land Trust in such a public forum. It reminds me that the strength of the Land Trust is more than the beauty of a quiet meadow; it's the power of community working for nature," stated Scott Collins. Indeed, the Land Trust is a proud part of the Sisters community, with many of our most visible protected lands just a few miles from town. Participating in the Rodeo Parade reminds us why we love to work in Sisters Country--it's the spirit of the people! 

"It's really cool that so many people in the crowd know about the Land Trust," stated Sofia Boone, 11, daughter of Associate Director, Zak Boone. Thanks to everyone who made this year's entry a huge success, and the Land Trust looks forward to celebrating the proud tradition of the Rodeo for many years to come!