Springing forward

Mar 11, 2013
Spring forward...the old saying to help us remember daylight savings time. It sounds so energetic and well, springy!

Spring forward...the old saying to help us remember daylight savings time. It sounds so energetic and well, springy! While I am fully energetic about spring, the loss of one hour of sleep doesn't quite give me a spring in my step. That's why with one eye pried open, I'm trying to focus on the spring part of daylight savings time.

This past weekend was a great way to do just that. My family thoroughly reveled in the blue skies, warm temperatures, and longer days. Somehow the warmth was even enough for my kids to request a sprinkler for cooling off! When I explained it wasn't quite warm enough for that, they settled for running around shirtless and making mud pies with buckets of water.

I was content to putter in my garden, daringly pulling the old leaves from my perennials to give the new growth some air and light. (Let's hope those shiny, bright green shoots don't get nipped by the frosts we'll get until May....oh wait June...or even July!) I delighted in the brave crocuses blooming in the sunniest parts of my garden. They scream spring with their bright colors and open, inviting flowers. I even saw some neighborhood manzanita bushes sporting delicate pink flowers that were nearly ready to open. I love how spring flowers follow the sun and open progressively--it reminds us of the importance of light.

The birds were also in fine form this weekend. A more birdy type would know that certain species herald the arrival of spring. At my house, I hear spring in the raucous chorus that has erupted in the last few days and weeks. In the winter we only hear a few birds calling, but with spring comes loud calls and chatter. I noted the level of chatter to 3 year old Zoe on a weekend walk. She immediately asked why they were calling more, to which I could only answer, they're excited about spring. Now Zoe wanders around the house making her own chatter about how spring is here because the birdies are excited. Works for me!

Mostly, I am focused on spring--and am thankful for spring--because it ushers in the outside. It means more hours to play outside, sit in the sunshine, and watch things grow. I know we'll have to do it with our sweatshirts tied around our waists and our gloves in our pockets--in case an errant snowstorm hits--but I'm thankful just the same!