Summer comes to a close

Aug 20, 2013
What's left on your summer to do list? Land Trust staff shares what they hope to squeeze in before fall.


There are few things that can send Central Oregonians into a frenzy like the end of summer. The days are beginning to get shorter and cooler, the kids are getting ready for another year at school, and the leaves will begin to turn crimson and orange. We know that our days to get in those outdoor trips and house projects are numbered. What’s left here on our summer to-do lists? Here’s what some of the Land Trust staff said:

Sarah: A trip to the beach where I can dig my toes in the sand… and a camping trip. But not together--no one likes sand in their tent.

Lisa: I still need to eat red tomatoes and harvest veggies from my garden. I also need to get out more with my puppy, Sierra!

Becky: Moving into my new house!

Zak: Cleaning out the garage. We need to get rid of all the kid-related items that are now obsolete.

Brad Nye: I’d like to go on a backpacking trip with my kid in the Mt. Jefferson wilderness. And I want to go to Bumbershoot in Seattle.

Karly: Fishing on the Deschutes and getting to more of the lakes!

What's left on your list to make your summer complete?