Hundreds of bars from the canceled Dirty Half now fueling fire crews

Jun 09, 2014
With the cancellation of this year's Dirty Half, Land Trust development assistant Lisa Bagwell decided to take the treats to the front lines of the fire.

If you’ve ever crossed the finish line at FootZone of Bend’s Dirty Half Marathon, you know there’s a plethora of yummy treats at the finish line.

With this year’s cancellation of the Dirty Half, Land Trust development assistant, Lisa Bagwell was left with 800 peanut butter fudge bars and no voracious runners to devour them.

Good thing Lisa is a quick thinker.

“Once I heard the race was canceled, I immediately thought that these bars needed to go to the front lines of the fire! Thankfully Safeway donated doughnut boxes so we could package the treats and load them into our rig. After driving through smoke and thinking of all the lives affected by the fires, we were excited to do our small part to help: sweet treats for the firefighters to provide fuel to knock down the Two Bulls blaze.”

Katy, the owner of Nancy P's, told Lisa today that she had that same thought: the bars from the canceled race would be a sweet gesture to the brave firefighters. She decided to donate them to the fire efforts at no charge. Thanks, Nancy Ps!

The Two Bulls Fire continues to burn in and near Skyline Forest. The Land Trust is grateful to all those involved in the fire fighting effort and all those affected by the fire are in our thoughts.