Rod Bonacker finishes term on Land Trust Board

Jan 02, 2014
Many thanks to Rod Bonacker for all his help and guidance on the Land Trust's Board of Directors.

With the start of the new year, the staff and Board of the Land Trust also bid adieu to long-time board member and volunteer, Rod Bonacker. Much of the success of the Land Trust stems from having the right people involved, and Rod is one of those people. As the spouse of one of our founders (Maret Pajutee), Rod has always been there for the Land Trust whenever we needed a hand. 

Rod served as a Board member for eight years, including two years as President of the Board. His quiet mastery of complex natural resource issues combined with his innate leadership skills and boundless passion for the land made him a valuable resource for staff and Board. An avid fisherman, hiker, cyclist, and skier, Rod has always been most at home in the outdoors and we look forward to seeing more of him out on the trails and rivers. We know he'll continue to protect the places that make central Oregon such a unique and special place.

Thanks for all you've done and will continue to do for the Land Trust, Rod!


Ten Mile Dawn
A Poem by Rod Bonacker

Still dark this morning when I step into the river

The sun is just kissing the top of the canyon a thousand feet above me.
Grand Canyon has no steelhead, just saying,

I wade to my waist and shake out the line, the first casts lengthen and straighten.

I’m casting pretty good today.
The big deerhair fly skates across the surface below me, skipping along the seams and micro currents.
Man, I would bite that in a heartbeat.

Step downstream, Lift the line behind, cast again,
Mend the line straight, swing the fly,

Step, cast, swing
     Step, cast, swing

          Step, cast, swing

Light is halfway down the canyon wall, glowing in fescue,
Ancient basalts, dried balsamroot,

Step, cast, swing
     Step, cast, swing

          Step, cast, swing

Is that a bighorn up the....BOOOOSH!

Somebody threw a bus into the river down by my fly,
No grab though,
     he missed it!

Cast again, cover the spot, nothing....

Give it a rest and change to the smaller fly.
This never works for me.

I’ll have to leave when the light hits the river, its an 8 hour drive home.
Hate to leave so much of this run unfished,

so much water, so little time.

Cast and swing again,
     Cast and swing.......There!

Well, at least I won’t be skunked today.

I really should wade back to shore and get rid of some coffee.
The light is almost to the river, time to head home.

Step, cast, swing
     Step, cast, swing

          Step, cast, swing

Really... last cast,
Step, cast, swing
     Step cast, swing

          Step cast, swing

Ok five more casts or until the light hits that rock,
I mean it

Step, cast, swing
     Step, cast, swing

          Step, cast, swing