Trail Conditions: Whychus Canyon + Metolius Preserve

Jan 06, 2014
Winter weather has made hiking conditions at Land Trust Preserves varied. Please help us keep our trails in good condition by not hiking when too warm. Read on for more...

Stewardship director Amanda Egertson was recently out at several Land Trust Preserves checking trail conditions. We'd love your help in keeping our trails in tip-top shape, so read on for details on where to hike right now. **Winter weather conditions are always changing in Central Oregon. Please check the forecast as you prepare for your hikes.**


  • Trails at Whychus Canyon Preserve are icy and muddy in places. Recent freeze/thaw cycles have left trails in the sun very muddy and trails in the shade (like down into the canyon) very icy. ***To help maintain the great condition of our new trails, we ask that you do not hike on them when they are soft and your foot leaves an imprint.*** These imprints can remain for a long time, seriously degrading trails and creating lots of extra work for stewardship volunteers and trail crews.
  • Trails at the Metolius Preserve are open but are snowy and icy in places. Please use caution when hiking these trails. The Metolius Preserve provides miles of trails through forests and along creeks with lots of solitude!
  • Indian Ford Meadow's short trail is open for hiking, but please be careful of icy conditions. Enjoy this forested trail out to a viewing platform with spectacular views of the Cascades.
  • Camp Polk Meadow is also perfect for short walks and bird watching. Please use caution as the trail may have icy spots and some snow.

Thanks for helping us care for our Preserves!