Three reasons it pays to get on the wait list

Mar 10, 2015
It's a popular time of year to join us for a hike or a Nature Night. Even if a hike or event is full, here's why it's good to get on the wait list anyway.

Spring sets off a flurry of activity in our High Desert. Birds are busy nesting, bright wildflowers open to the sun, and we all scramble to get outside to enjoy the longer, warmer days.

It's a popular time of year to join us on a hike or at an event. Unfortunately, that means many of our hikes and Nature Nights fill up fast. But don't despair when you see "add me to the wait list." Here are three reasons you should sign up anyway:

  1. We often get cancellations. On many hikes we make it through the entire wait list and everyone gets a chance to attend. Although cancellations are hard to plan for, it's always worth it to take a shot and put your name on the wait list. We work hard to notify folks on the wait list as soon as we hear about an opening; that way they have plenty of notice before the hike.

  2. We sometimes send special invitations to folks on a wait list. If you're on the wait list for a hike, you might get the first shot at registering for a another hike on a similar topic or at the same location. 

  3. Wait lists help us understand the demand for a hike. If the list is long, we often schedule a second hike to accommodate more folks. As we plan Walks + Hikes and Nature Nights for coming years, we often look at the length of wait list to gauge community interest and work to fill those needs with our programming.

Thanks so much for your interest in our events. We hope to see you on a Walk + Hike this spring!