Spring and summer in the wild

Jul 06, 2016
Land Trust volunteer photographers and wildlife cams have captured a great collection of wildlife photos throughout the spring and early summer.

Spring and summer are busy times for wildlife. Once the snow melts and the grass begins to green, birds begin to build nests and warm eggs, flowers bloom and attract pollinators with their vibrant colors, and soon enough, a new generation of wildlife is born. 

Land Trust volunteer photographers have been documenting these events in the natural world, and our wildlife cameras have been capturing the elusive animals we don't often get to see when we are visiting the Preserves. Check out the video of a new, fuzzy spotted sandpiper shaking it's tail feather along Whychus Creek, captured by Kris Kristovich.

For more wildlife viewing, enjoy the slideshow below. (Be sure to click "Show Info" in the upper right corner to see captions).

(If you cannot see the slideshow below, please click here)