A stellar spring for wildlife at the Preserves

Apr 09, 2016
Wildlife is on the move at Land Trust Preserves. Here are some of our favorite sightings from this spring and late winter.

This spring has been an active one for wildlife at Land Trust Preserves. Here's a round-up of some awesome recent sightings:

•    Steelhead! The first adult steelhead in 52 years has returned to Camp Polk Meadow Preserve. Learn all about Stella and the remarkable journey she has taken!

•    Golden eagles! We have reports that one of the golden eagle nests at Rimrock Ranch is active. The nest at Aspen Hollow Preserve is also active and the chicks has just hatched. Check out the awesome live feed provided by our friends at East Cascades Audubon Society.

•    Beaver: these busy little critters are fully making Camp Polk Meadow Preserve their home. We have seen lots of beaver sign in the meadow as they continue to move upstream and help sculpt the restored meadow.

•    Curious cats and a trio of turkeys: Our game cams have returned a host of new shots taken over the winter.

From elk to turkeys, skunks to otters, wildlife find refuge at Land Trust Preserves. Winter is a stressful time for critters, so minimizing disturbance and stress in their habitat is critical. Our wildlife cameras offer you a glimpse into that world of wildlife without the disturbance humans can create. Check out the slideshow below to see what was out and about in late fall and into the winter! (Be sure to click "Show Info" in the upper right corner to see captions).

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