Voices for Whychus Creek

Apr 18, 2016
The support of our members is vital to the Campaign's success. Long-time member MA Willson shares why she supports the Campaign for Whychus Creek.

Launched in the fall of 2014, the Campaign for Whychus Creek is a three year Land Trust Campaign to finish conserving wildlife habitat along Whychus Creek, ensure the permanent care of those lands, and engage the community in their stewardship.

In the first year of the Campaign, the Land Trust protected two new parcels of land along Whychus Creek while caring for the 2,200 acres of previously conserved lands along Whychus Creek. We also welcomed hundreds of individuals and families to the campaign as donors, volunteers, and advocates. One such supporter is MA Willson.

“I first joined the Land Trust back in 1996. I really believe in the Land Trust concept of purchasing land or using a land preservation agreement to conserve sensitive lands. It is those lands that are particularly at a risk of being lost without prompt action.

Camp Polk Meadow Preserve is my favorite Land Trust project. I love the idea of restoring the historic stream channel and remember the big day when the water returned to the meadow. I was lucky enough to be there photographing the project—it was very exciting!
The Land Trust is far ahead of where I might have envisioned the organization 20 years ago. Their work on Whychus Creek, for instance, has been amazing. That’s why I chose to get involved with their Campaign for Whychus Creek. I gave a Campaign gift in addition to my annual gift during the first year of the Campaign, and I hope to continue for the next two years of the Campaign. Whychus Creek is important to me as a Central Oregonian for the natural wonders I get to enjoy and for the home that it provides wildlife.”

MA Willson has been a Land Trust supporter and volunteer since 1996. She lives in the Bend area and is an active hiker, skier, and photographer.

Whychus Creek IS Central Oregon. Help us make this unique resource an ecological and social centerpiece of our community now and for generations to come. Join the Campaign today!