Help us chart the future

May 08, 2012
Give your feedback on how the Land Trust is doing and where we should go in the future!

The Deschutes Land Trust is at a pivotal point in our 16 year history. This spring, two concurrent opinion gathering processes will shape and guide the next chapter of the Land Trust’s work in Central Oregon and beyond.

First, noted Oregon philanthropist John Gray has begun a process called the “Oregon Land Trust Grant Program and Advancement Initiative.” The goal of this initiative is to further the pace and effectiveness of private land conservation in Oregon. Gray, best known in the region for his role in the development of the Sunriver community, has partnered with the Land Trust Alliance and the Coalition of Oregon Land Trusts to create a multi-phase assessment process, which will be followed by an unprecedented financial commitment to private land conservation in our state. The initiative is a wonderful opportunity for the Land Trust to pause and assess how we’re meeting the conservation needs of our region, and to engage our many partners in the conversation.

Second, the Land Trust is conducting its own assessment of how we’re meeting our community’s conservation needs. To participate, take our survey and answer some brief questions related to land conservation, access to our Preserves, and what you’d like to see from us in the coming years. It will be the first survey we’ve undertaken since 2006, so we are looking forward to seeing what you have to say.

We’re anxious to share both the results of the Gray/Land Trust Alliance assessment and our membership survey later this year. Stay tuned!