Photo Contest Winners Announced

Nov 10, 2012
Karen Parker wins Best Land Trust Preserve fall photo and Lisa Broadwater wins best Central Oregon fall photo.

The Land Trust is pleased to announce our Fall Photo Contest winners!

Thank you to all the folks who submitted photos. Your work was truly impressive and inspiring. Check out a sampling of the submissions.

Best Land Trust Preserve Fall Photo:

Winner: Karen Parker for Pond Nostalgia. Taken at Camp Polk Meadow Preserve.
Runner-up: Bill Johnson for Catch the Light. Take at the Metolius Preserve.
BillJohnson_catch the light

Best Central Oregon Fall Photo:

Winner: Lisa Broadwater for Metolius River Rocks. Taken in Camp Sherman.
L.Broadwater_Metolius river rocks
Runner-up: Karyn Verzwyvelt for McKenzie Pass Color. Taken near McKenzie Pass.
KV_fall leaves

Photos were judged by photographers Byron Dudley and Jay Mather. Each photo had to meet the basic criteria of being taken in Central Oregon and featuring nature and all its beauty in fall. Winners were chosen for their strong composition, thoughtful use of color and lighting, and their ability to feature nature's unaltered beauty. Many thanks to Byron and Jay for their time and expertise! Thanks as well to FootZone of Bend for donating one of our prizes!