Restoration of the Pond Addition to Camp Polk Meadow complete

Oct 22, 2012
Wetlands and meadows on the six acre addition to Camp Polk Meadow Preserve are now restored thanks to some heavy equipment and hearty volunteers.

Volunteers recently helped replant six acres of wetland and meadow at the Land Trust's Camp Polk Meadow Preserve. More than 700 native shrubs, grasses and sedges were planted at the Pond Addition to the Preserve.

Restoration begin in early October with the removal of an old house and shed (watch a video of the demolition below or this photo slideshow). Volunteer completed the process by planting the native plants grown from local seed by Clearwater Native Plant Nursery.

The Land Trust purchased the 6 acre Pond Addition to Camp Polk Meadow Preserve at the end of 2011. The Addition contains high quality wetland and wildlife habitat and will allow the Land Trust to further restore Camp Polk Meadow Preserve. Due to the sensitive nature of the habitat, the Pond portion of Camp Polk Meadow Preserve is only accessible via a guided Land Trust tour. Learn more.