Senator Merkley's staff tours Camp Polk Meadow Preserve

Oct 05, 2012
Chief of Staff Michael Zamore and Field Rep Susanna Julber visited the meadow to learn about Land Trust collaborations with the Forest Service and other federal partners.

The restoration of Whychus Creek at the Land Trust’s Camp Polk Meadow Preserve wouldn’t have been possible without a great deal of assistance from many partners. One of the Land Trust's key partners was the Deschutes National Forest, which provided the technical expertise of its hydrologists and fisheries biologists. This particular collaboration owes much to the “can do” attitude of Deschutes National Forest Supervisor John Allen and his staff, as well as the strong, bi-partisan support of Oregon’s Congressional Delegation.

Consequently, the Land Trust was pleased to welcome Senator Jeff Merkley’s staff, including Chief of Staff Michael Zamore and Field Representative Susanna Julber, for a recent tour of the restoration at Camp Polk Meadow Preserve.  Senator Merkley has undertaken a leadership role with the reintroduction of salmon and steelhead by fostering community dialogue and collaborative solutions, so it was great to get his staff out to see the successful restoration at Camp Polk Meadow.

The Land Trust is grateful for the support of Senator Merkley and the other members of the Oregon delegation and will look forward to their continuing, bi-partisan support for the work of the Deschutes Land Trust and the other members of the Deschutes Partnership (Deschutes River Conservancy, Upper Deschutes Watershed Council and Crooked River Watershed Council).