Chinook at Rimrock Ranch

Sep 11, 2013
In the second year salmon have been able to reach Whychus Creek, a tagged Chinook salmon was tracked at Rimrock Ranch!

Spring Chinook are now migrating upstream to their spawning grounds. We're very excited to report that folks at PGE tracked a tagged Chinook salmon at Rimrock Ranch in Whychus Creek! Here's hoping he/she finds a non-tagged partner and spawns at Rimrock or takes full advantage of the new habitat we've created at Camp Polk Meadow Preserve.

Other Chinook have been spotted in the Metolius River and in Ochoco Creek. The sockeye are also on the move as they have also been spotted in the Metolius River. While returning fish numbers remain small, keep in the mind this is only the second year they've been able to reach these upper basin creeks like Whychus.