New kiosk signs at Metolius and Camp Polk

Aug 08, 2013
Beautiful new interpretive signs help guide visitors around the Preserves while telling the story of native flora and fauna.

The Land Trust is pleased to report that we now have new kiosk signs up at our Metolius and Camp Polk Meadow Preserves. The signs can be found at the North Fork entrance of the Metolius Preserve and at the main Hindman Springs entrance of Camp Polk Meadow Preserve.

Each kiosk sign is designed to help orient visitors to the Preserve while providing some educational background on the property. The Metolius signs feature details on the forest restoration work the Land Trust has completed since acquiring the Preserve in 2003. Visitors can learn more about enhancing forest resiliency and wildlife habitat through restorative thinning. As a nod to sustainable forestry, the roof of the new kiosk was made from fallen larch trees found at the Metolius Preserve! And yes, rest assured, we will be replacing the stolen entrance sign for the North Fork of the Preserve. They've been reprinted and we're coordinating an installation time.

The new Camp Polk Meadow kiosk signs also orient visitors to the public portion of the Preserve, Hindman Springs. Another panel tells the story of the meadow from its historical past to its current use as a wildlife refuge with a restored Whychus Creek. A new brochure digs deeper into the restoration of Whychus Creek and we anticipate another new brochure that will detail the meadow's history. The Camp Polk kiosk and Metolius kiosk also feature beautiful wood boxes to hold our brochures. Huge thanks to Dick Tipton who volunteered to make them all!

Many thanks to our legion of volunteer photographers! Your stunning work really makes our new signs shine!

Stay tuned for new signs at Whychus Canyon Preserve next!

Funding for the Metolius Preserve signs was made possible by the Adams Foundation and other private donors. Thanks to Chuck Newport for building the kiosks.