Skyline Forest campfire left burning

Jul 25, 2013
Bob Woodward found fire at Skyline Forest. Although the fire is safely out, please use caution while you're on our protected lands.

Mountain biker and once-mayor of Bend, Bob Woodward, discovered a blazing campfire in Skyline Forest yesterday. The fire ring had apparently been constructed for a large party on Tuesday night.

“Smelling smoke and finding a still-alive, giant campfire in Skyline Forest was terrifying given the recent regional forest fires and the potential to spark a major blaze,” Woodward said. “I can only hope that other riders won’t have such a shock.”

Because Woodward spotted the fire early and reported it to Central Oregon Interagency Dispatch, firefighters were able to put the flames out quickly.

“We are grateful that Bob was so vigilant,” said Executive Director of Deschutes Land Trust, Brad Chalfant. “Without his help, the fire may have grown into a much bigger problem.”

Woodward considers Skyline Forest his mountain biking home where he can get away from crowds. “Protecting Skyline is important not only to me, but all of us in Central Oregon,” he said.

The Land Trust encourages those visiting Skyline Forest and our protected lands to keep in mind the high risk of wildfire. Even parking cars in areas with high grasses can be a hazard—exhaust systems can reach high temperatures that set dry grasses on fire.

Campers should take extra care to understand fire restrictions and, when a campfire is allowed, make sure to extinguish the flames.  For information on current restrictions in Central Oregon, call 1-800-523-4737 or visit the USDA Forest Service website.

Be alert for fires. If you see one, report it immediately to the Central Oregon Interagency Dispatch Center at 1-800-314-2560. Keep this number handy as you enjoy your next outdoor adventure.