Beavers find a home at Camp Polk Meadow Preserve

Sep 10, 2014
Recent visits to Camp Polk Meadow uncover exciting signs of beaver activity at the Preserve.

Camp Polk Meadow Preserve has a long history of beaver activity, but recent activity shows they are beginning to make Camp Polk Meadow home. 

On a recent monitoring visit to the Preserve, stewardship director Amanda Egertson discovered many signs of beavers at work in the far eastern edge of the meadow. They had created a network of beaver paths and tunnels, dams, and downed several trees. These are all encouraging signs that beavers are thriving at the Preserve.

Beavers were once removed from Camp Polk Meadow in efforts to control flooding for nearby landowners. Today, beavers are enjoying a comeback as we begin to recognize their role as nature’s restoration experts. They add wood to creeks and create side channels that improve habitat for fish, their ponds boost water quality, and they help to reduce erosion along the banks of rivers and streams. In short, they are allies as we continue to restore the meadow for fish and wildlife and we welcome them home.