Healthier aspen at Whychus Canyon Preserve

Aug 11, 2014
Restoration efforts at Whychus Canyon Preserve are paying off as aspen begin to thrive.

The Land Trust has been working for several years to restore the native forests of Whychus Canyon Preserve. A recent monitoring visit revealed our hard work is paying off: our aspen groves along the canyon floor are beginning to thrive!

Soon after acquiring Whychus Canyon Preserve, the Land Trust noticed that the Preserve's young aspen groves faced stiff competition from juniper and grazing mule deer. The Land Trust worked with our forestry partners to come up with a creative solution. First, nearby juniper were thinned, reducing competition for water and nutrients. Then, the thinned junipers were used to form a corral around developing aspen. The corral protected the young aspen shoots from grazing deer. This was the first time the Land Trust used this approach and it proved successful! The aspen are now much healthier, providing improved habitat for wildlife and benefiting water quality in Whychus Creek.