Camera captures wildlife at the Metolius Preserve

Jul 24, 2014
A newly installed wildlife cam is already documenting wildlife activity at the Metolius Preserve. Check out the slideshow of sightings!

The Land Trust's Metolius Preserve is home to towering ponderosa pine, three miles of Lake Creek, and a variety of wildlife including native salmon, songbirds, black bear,
and elk. How often do we actually get to see our resident wildlife? Not very! That's why the Land Trust recently installed a new wildlife camera at the Preserve. Camp Sherman volunteer Gus Gustafson found a home for the new motion sensing wildlife cam and was pleased to see its first batch of pictures recorded a variety of wildlife using the Preserve.

Sightings include a mule deer fawn and doe, a Douglas squirrel, and a river otter perched on a log. Best of all we had a very curious black bear who must have approached the camera from behind and left 8 photos of the side of its head and face! Luckily we also caught a great shot of the full bear. Check out some of the pictures in the slideshow below (if you have trouble viewing the images, click here.)

As we continue to protect important fish and wildlife habitat at the Metolius Preserve, who knows what critters we might spot next! Make sure to subscribe to our e-newsletter or like us on Facebook for updates on wildlife sightings!