Skyline Forest after the Two Bulls Fire

Aug 07, 2014
Get the latest on what's happening in Skyline Forest after the Two Bulls Fire and take a virtual tour with our photo slideshow.

Skyline Forest is beginning its recovery after this June's Two Bulls Fire. Recent conversations with the landowner gave us a little more information on how the forest fared.

According to Cascade Timberlands, most of the 6,200 acres burned hot, with a high level of mortality. Consequently, Cascade Timberlands has decided to salvage log the burn and will be actively logging in the forest over the next couple of months. Their plan is to take only dead trees and leave those with at least a quarter of the crown left. They will then replant the logged areas with around 200 trees per acre over the next two years.

It certainly will be fascinating to see how Skyline Forest changes after the Two Bulls Fire. For the time being, we are still advising folks to avoid visiting the burned portions of Skyline Forest due to unsafe conditions and increased traffic from logging trucks. Take a virtual tour of Skyline Forest after the fire with our slideshow below (if you have trouble viewing the images, click here).