Whychus Canyon Steelhead Fly wins honors

Apr 05, 2014
Sherry Steele, noted fly tyer from Sisters, won honors with her fly inspired by Whychus Canyon Preserve.

Sherry Steele, a noted fly tyer from Sisters, Oregon, received honors for her hand-tied steelhead fly inspired by Whychus Canyon Preserve. This Whychus Canyon Steelhead Fly was chosen for the Western Idaho Expo pin for 2015.

Sherry designed the fly to tell the story of steelhead returning to Whychus Creek and the protected lands of Whychus Canyon Preserve. Steele's fly celebrates the work that's been done to bring steelhead back to home waters, including the protection and restoration of freshwater habitat that they require at the beginning and end of their life cycle.

The Fly is part of a collection based on classic salmon flies dating as far back as 1850, tied by George M. Kelson, Francis Francis, and Thomas Pryce-Tannant. The Whychus Canyon Steelhead Fly pays homage to these wonderful classics. 

We congratulate Sherry on this honor and thank her for helping spread the dream of bringing back ocean-going fish to Whychus Creek!

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