Mike Emmons, passionate about giving back to Oregon

Jan 05, 2016
Long-time Land Trust Board Member died unexpectedly in November. Mike served for eight years on our Board including stints as President and Treasurer. Mike gave much of himself to the Land Trust and we remember him here.

It's with great sadness that we write to acknowledge the passing of long-time Land Trust Board Member, Mike Emmons. We understand that Mike died quickly while out for a walk with his wife Gail, near their home in Orinda, California. Though his health challenged him the last few years, Mike’s passion for his native Oregon never diminished.  Fortunately for Central Oregon, Mike viewed the work of the Land Trust as a way he could give back to the people and places he loved.

With an extensive legal, accounting and finance background, Mike brought a unique body of knowledge to the Land Trust. It was our great honor to have Mike serve on the Board of the Land Trust these past eight years, including stints as our Treasurer and ultimately as President. Mike gave much of himself to the Land Trust and we will greatly miss him.