Skyline Forest sells to new owner

Feb 23, 2015
Skyline Forest was purchased last week by a Singapore-based investment group. Read more about the Deschutes Land Trust's reaction.

Skyline Forest was purchased last week by a Singapore-based investment group. Fidelity National Financial, the former owners of the property sold Skyline Forest along with all their other commercial timberlands (200,000 acres) in Central Oregon.

The Deschutes Land Trust has worked for more than a decade to protect Skyline Forest for the local community. Skyline Forest's 33,000 acres of private commercial timberland runs from Bend to Sisters and is important to the future of Central Oregon. Skyline provides important wildlife habitat, scenic views, new recreational and educational opportunities, as well as timber for local mills if sustainably managed.

Brad Chalfant, the Land Trust's executive director noted, "While we don’t know much about the new owners, we look forward to speaking with them about their plans and relaying the community’s aspirations for the future of Skyline Forest. The unique strength of the Land Trust is our ability to work with any given landowner in order to find a deal that works for the landowner and the community." 

The Deschutes Land Trust has a long track record of patiently pursuing strategic projects and will continue to work toward the ultimate goal of conserving and protecting Skyline Forest for generations to come. That means reaching out to the new landowner to understand their plans and then working to develop appropriate conservation solutions.

How can you help?

  1. Join the Land Trust. The Land Trust has protected more than 8,700 acres of land in Central Oregon, but to protect a 50 square mile forest, we need your help. Become a Land Trust member today or, if you're already a member, raising your level of support.
  1. Learn more about Skyline Forest. Previous owners of Skyline Forest have graciously allowed the public access. We hope that will continue. Assuming it does, watch our website for our full slate of guided hikes--including Skyline--to go live on April 1!
  2. Spread the word. Tell your friends and neighbors about Skyline Forest. Invite the Land Trust to your service or social club to talk about Skyline and the benefits to the community. Write a letter to the editor, post a blog and spread the word.