Winter projects at Whychus Canyon Preserve

Jan 07, 2015
We'll be busy at Whychus Canyon Preserve stockpiling logs for restoration and burning small piles from juniper thinning projects.

We’ve got a few projects going on over the next few weeks at Whychus Canyon Preserve. You may have noticed ponderosa pine and juniper trees recently cut along Highway 20, just east of Sisters. A local landowner is clearing land and those trees will soon find a home at our Whychus Canyon Preserve where they will be used for stream restoration projects beginning in a couple years. If you visit Whychus Canyon Preserve over the next week, you may notice these trees being stockpiled near Whychus Creek.

We’ll also be doing some small pile-burning projects at Whychus Canyon Preserve over the next month. The burn piles consist of small junipers that were thinned at the Preserve in efforts to restore forest health. Whychus Canyon Preserve will remain open to visitors and we anticipate minimal impacts to air quality from smoke.