Volunteers give back

May 04, 2016
A great big thank you to all of the volunteers that have been helping care for the Preserves this spring.

Huge thanks also go out to the volunteers who have been helping care for a variety of Preserves this spring! In just the last month volunteers have helped:

-- At Indian Ford Meadow Preserve: Volunteers raked trails and pulled every single mullein in the meadow!!

-- At Camp Polk Meadow Preserve: Volunteers and youth crews helped chip the Hindman Springs trail. Huge thanks to Stella Dean and Claudia Johnson who spread lots of woodchips and tackled invasive teasel growing by the spring. Thanks as well to David Vitelle from Bear Mountain Fire for delivering and donating 20yds of chips for this project!

-- Earthday work parties at Camp Polk Meadow Preserve: The Land Trust partnered with Volunteer Connect and Solve to tackle teasel at Hindman Springs. Heart of Oregon Sisters Youth Build and students from Sisters High School also participated in Earth Day service projects by pulling weeds in the Whychus Creek restoration area.

Worried you missed your chance to volunteer? Rest assured there are still lots of projects in the pipeline! Weed warriors have started back up for the spring and spring work parties are still happening. Check out our current volunteer events and let Stephanie Rohdy know if you'd like to join our volunteer email list.