Land Trust Welcomes New Staff Member

Jan 10, 2019
The Deschutes Land Trust is happy to welcome Rebekah Ratcliff to our team.


We are happy to welcome Rebekah Ratcliff to the Deschutes Land Trust team. Rebekah is our Outreach Associate and will be helping with the Land Trust outreach, volunteer programming, and communications.


Prior to joining the Land Trust in 2019, Rebekah worked as an educator and administrator for an Oregon Outdoor School and was committed to making our forest a place for all. Rebekah received her B.S. in Sociology and Anthropology from Southern Oregon University with focuses in environmental sociology and social movements. She also earned her certificate in nonprofit management. Rebekah is an Oregonian through and through, and her deep connection with this land seems to find its way into every aspect of her life. Whether she is working, volunteering, eating, painting, climbing up things, falling down things, or walking through the pines and sagebrush, there are almost always bits of Central Oregon soil to be found.