Wildlife blog posts

A day in the life of a squirrel

It's squirrel appreciation day and to celebrate, we're bringing you a glimpse into the life of a grey squirrel who lives at Camp Polk Meadow Preserve.

The habitat benefits of beavers

The Land Trust's final 2015 Nature Night featured Suzanne Fouty talking about beavers and the ways they--and other natural partners--contribute to habitat and water security. Read on for more information on the talk and for an OPB audio postcard from the follow-up field trip.

Hiking with your dog

Spring is in the air—thank goodness! As you get ready to head out to your favorite Land Trust Preserve for an early spring hike with your furry friend, we offer this reminder about the importance of keeping dogs on leash and keeping wildlife safe.

Butterflies of Summer

A butterfly flitting about in a meadow or forest is a sure sign of summer in Central Oregon. The longer, warmer days bring these colorful creatures out in the meadows of Camp Polk Meadow Preserve, the woodlands of the Metolius Preserve, and the juniper covered slopes of Whychus Canyon Preserve. Here are a few to watch for this summer.

The life and times of Stella the steelhead

The Land Trust is thrilled to announce that we’ve had our first adult steelhead return to Camp Polk Meadow Preserve! Biologists found the radio-tagged adult female at the end of March in the portion of Whychus Creek that runs through the Preserve. She is the first adult steelhead to return to the meadow in 52 years!

Spring is for the birds

As spring comes to Central Oregon we all feel the itch to get outside and soak in the warmth of the sun and the green of new leaves. Migrating birds are also enticed to return to Central Oregon each spring. Here are a few places to watch and learn the art of birding.

Monarchs and Milkweed

Monarch butterfly populations have been dwindling across the Americas. Here's what the Land Trust is doing to bring them back to Central Oregon.

Spring and summer in the wild

Land Trust volunteer photographers and wildlife cams have captured a great collection of wildlife photos throughout the spring and early summer.

The great arctic returns

The great arctic (Oeneis nevadensis) butterfly is back and has been spotted at the Metolius Preserve!

Life under the snow

Under blankets of snow, a bustling and busy community is at work staying warm and fed during the winter months.

Ten Facts about Golden Eagles

The Land Trust's Aspen Hollow Preserve has a golden eagle nest that is currently being used to raise an eaglet. Learn more about the nests and courtship behavior of these magnificent birds.

The Oregon spotted frog with Jay Bowerman

Biologist Jay Bowerman presented our February Nature Night on the Oregon spotted frog. Enjoy the slides from his presentation and other resources to help you learn about the Oregon spotted frog.