City Club of Central Oregon names 'Conversation of the Year' finalists reports on the finalists for the City Club of Central Oregon's "Conversation of the Year" award.


At its September forum, City Club of Central Oregon announced the four finalists for the newly minted “Conversation of the Year” award.

Unlike most awards, which recognize individual achievement, the Conversation of the Year award celebrates the quality of the conversation itself and recognizes the community as the true winner. One or more individuals, for-profits, non-profits, or government entities will receive the circulating trophy for their participation in the conversation.

The selection committee is comprised of City Club’s past presidents and the award will go to the community conversation that best reflects City Club’s mission, which is “to build a conscious and civic minded community through dialog, education and research that results in responsible civic engagement.” 

The trophy, designed and sponsored by Schmid Malone Buchanan, LLC, will be presented to the winner(s) at Civic Drinks – the annual City Club member mixer on October 24th at Awbrey Glen.

The four finalists, in no particular order, are as follows...